Corporate Discounts

Skilled employees are key to your business's success. We offer group discounts to train more employees at a lower price.

Number of students Discount
2–3 Students 12%
3–4 Students 20%
5+ Students request

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Flexible Training Plans

Each OpenVMS system is unique with its own configuration, operational requirements, and products installed, so naturally each client has unique training needs. In corporate training, we ensure that your needs are met by designing a customized training plan for your company's configurations and business requirements.

Contact us at to sign up for a class designed specifically for your organization!

Onsite Training

To minimize training and travel expenses for large groups, VSI offers onsite training at your premises. We have certified instructors that are based all over the world and can travel to your site to deliver the training required in the comfort of your meeting room. Please contact us to find out about the availability of our instructors for your training.

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