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This course teaches students how to use the OpenVMS operating system to create, manipulate, and manage files. It discusses how to tailor the user environment using logical names and DCL symbols. The course describes the command language interpreter and the command line interface. Students will be taught to develop basic command procedures and create a LOGIN.COM command file to tailor their login session.


Basic knowledge of computer use and terms.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the OpenVMS operating system environment and command language
  • Tailor the user environment using logical names and DCL symbols
  • Describe the DCL command language interpreter and use its command line interface
  • Develop basic command procedures
  • Create a LOGIN.COM command procedure to tailor your login session

Course Audience

OpenVMS users
OpenVMS system managers
OpenVMS applications programmers
OpenVMS system programmers

Course Outline

  • History of OpenVMS
  • Basic characteristics and configurations of OpenVMS
  • System environment concepts
  • OpenVMS configurations
  • Logging into the system
  • OpenVMS passwords
  • Exiting the system
  • Digital Command Language
  • DCL command features
  • Getting online help
  • Getting information from the system
  • Processes
  • Displaying processes
  • Changing process information
  • File specification
  • Directory structure
  • Confirm and log qualifiers
  • Create, type, append, copy, rename, delete, purge, sort, and merge files
  • Search files
  • Definitions
  • Protecting your data
  • UIC-based security
  • More detailed protection using ACLs
  • File encryption
  • Logical names
  • Using logical name tables
  • Choosing the appropriate editor
  • Features of the EVE editor
  • EVE commands
  • EDT editor
  • Locality of reference
  • Creating symbols to use command synonyms
  • Using symbols
  • Displaying symbols
  • Creating custom commands
  • Deleting symbols
  • Introduction to command procedures
  • Debugging command procedures
  • Using symbols in command procedures
  • Controlling the flow of execution
  • Lexical functions
  • I/O handling
  • Sending mail from a command procedure
  • Error handling
  • PIPE command
  • Queue mechanism
  • Print jobs
  • Batch jobs
  • Network introduction
  • Using DECnet
  • Using TCP/IP

Instructors in this course

Darya Zelenina

2 years of VMS teaching experience, course developer.
Languages: English, Russian

Dennis O'Brien

40+ years of OpenVMS support and teaching experience, founder of the Bruden Corporation, author of OpenVMS, HP-UX, Tru64 UNIX, and C Programming courses and books.
Languages: English

Homi Faris

31 years of VMS support and teaching experience, started at DEC teaching almost all VMS courses, now a member of the VSI support team and pre-sales in France.
Languages: French

Gerrit Woertman

38 years of OpenVMS support and teaching experience. Application support, Fortran programming, demo-center, consultancy, pre-sales. HP Certified OpenVMS Systems Engineer with extensive systems management and migration experience.
Languages: English, Dutch

Tom Wade

HP Certified OpenVMS Systems Engineer with 36 years of OpenVMS support and teaching experience; has lectured in UCD to degree level in computer science and computer networking.
Languages: English

Mark Jilson

20 years of VMS support and teaching experience.
Languages: English

Jerry Henson

39 years of experience as a VMS programmer (Fortran, C, Basic, Cobol), extensive experience with ACMS.
Languages: English