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This course presents the system engineer who is new to OpenVMS with the core information and essential skills needed to both configure and examine the system, including both the software and hardware configuration.


Basic knowledge of computer use and terms. Familiarity with another OS would be helpful.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Describe and use OpenVMS commands
  • Manipulate and manage files
  • Tailor the user environment
  • Interact with the command line interface
  • Develop basic command procedures
  • Manage volumes on OpenVMS
  • Install and update the OpenVMS operating system
  • Install layered products
  • Manage and use the network
  • Start up and shut down the system
  • Back up and restore system and user data
  • Use various system utilities

Course Audience

OpenVMS users
OpenVMS system managers

Course Outline

  • Logging in to an OpenVMS system
  • Logging out of an OpenVMS system
  • Process types
  • Memory sharing among processes
  • Memory management components of OpenVMS
  • Managing processes
  • DCL syntax
  • Getting help
  • Interpreting error messages
  • Recalling commands
  • Command line editing
  • Control keys
  • File specifications
  • Using wildcards
  • Directory structure
  • Managing the default directory
  • Creating and managing directories
  • Locating files
  • Protecting files and directories
  • Understanding and managing logical names
  • Logical name tables and overruling logical names
  • Process-permanent logical names
  • Creating and deleting files
  • Displaying file contents
  • Appending files
  • Copying files
  • Renaming and moving files
  • File version management
  • Sorting and merging files
  • Searching files
  • Viewing differences between files
  • OpenVMS text editors
  • Working with EVE: basic functions, keys, windows, buffers, session recovery
  • EVE initialization files
  • Managing symbols
  • Symbol scope
  • Symbols as command synonyms
  • Using personal login command procedures
  • DCL programming rules and conventions
  • Passing parameters
  • Statements
  • Labels
  • Understanding volumes and using $ SHOW DEVICES to get volume information
  • Initializing volumes
  • Mounting and dismounting volumes
  • File protection and use of identifiers to control access
  • Disk fragmentation
  • Volume shadowing
  • OpenVMS system requirements
  • Installing OpenVMS
  • VSI and HPE licensing schemes
  • Using the License Management Utility and VMSLICENSE.COM
  • PCSI
  • ECO kits
  • System parameters and DCL command tables
  • TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS: configuration, starting and stopping the products and services
  • Configuring the network database
  • Adding proxies
  • Normal startup and shutdown, startup and shutdown command procedures
  • Emergency shutdown and crashing the system
  • Console operations for booting
  • Conversational boot
  • Backup types and strategies
  • Managing tape volumes
  • Physical, file, and image backup and restore
  • Backing up a shadow set
  • Using the Backup Manager
  • Save set management
  • Setting process quotas for backups
  • Using command procedures for backup automation
  • Intrusion record management
  • System error log file

Instructors in this course

Darya Zelenina

2 years of VMS teaching experience, course developer.
Languages: English, Russian

Dennis O'Brien

40+ years of OpenVMS support and teaching experience, founder of the Bruden Corporation, author of OpenVMS, HP-UX, Tru64 UNIX, and C Programming courses and books.
Languages: English

Homi Faris

31 years of VMS support and teaching experience, started at DEC teaching almost all VMS courses, now a member of the VSI support team and pre-sales in France.
Languages: French

Gerrit Woertman

38 years of OpenVMS support and teaching experience. Application support, Fortran programming, demo-center, consultancy, pre-sales. HP Certified OpenVMS Systems Engineer with extensive systems management and migration experience.
Languages: English, Dutch

Mark Jilson

20 years of VMS support and teaching experience.
Languages: English

Tom Wade

HP Certified OpenVMS Systems Engineer with 36 years of OpenVMS support and teaching experience; has lectured in UCD to degree level in computer science and computer networking.
Languages: English