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This course teaches students how to use the OpenVMS operating system to create, manipulate, and manage files. It discusses how to tailor the user environment using logical names and DCL symbols. The course describes the command language interpreter and the command line interface. Students will be taught to develop basic command procedures and create a LOGIN.COM command file to tailor their login session.


OpenVMS Fundamentals or equivalent knowledge.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • install, upgrade and configure an OpenVMS system and layered products
  • install and manage licenses
  • work in the console (MP, EFI Shell, SRM)
  • understand and manage the queue mechanism
  • configure and manage the storage subsystem
  • design and implement a backup strategy
  • configure basic networking
  • implement login, object, network, and physical security as well as security auditing
  • maintain system management command procedures
  • create and manage basic OpenVMS clusters

Course Audience

OpenVMS system managers
OpenVMS system programmers

Course Outline

  • obtaining key system information
  • navigating the system disk
  • rooted and concealed logicals, logical search lists
  • file aliases
  • OpenVMS system requirements
  • installing an OpenVMS system
  • VSI and HPE licensing schemes
  • installing licenses
  • the License Management Utility
  • PCSI
  • ECO kits
  • displaying and managing layered products
  • System Startup and Shutdown
  • Page, swap, and dump files
  • ILO
  • MP and EFI Shell
  • Crashing the system
  • Booting conversational, minimal, booting to OPA0:
  • using AUTHORIZE to manage user records, privileges and quotas
  • managing rights identifiers
  • maintaining system security with respect to user management
  • managing intrusion attempts
  • understanding process states and priorities
  • managing processes
  • using MONTIOR and SHOW PROCESS/CONTINUOUS to analyze processes
  • managing queue managers and the queue database files
  • managing print and batch queues
  • managing jobs
  • troubleshooting queue problems
  • managing disks and tapes on OpenVMS
  • initializing and mounting volumes
  • file systems (ODS-2 and ODS-5)
  • reliable storage solutions
  • Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS
  • TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS: configuring, starting and stopping the product and services
  • OpenVMS and Unix-style commands for network management
  • managing network interfaces with LANCP
  • creating and implementing a backup strategy
  • backing up to tape
  • physical, file and image backup and restore
  • encrypting backup savesets
  • compressing backup savesets
  • standalone backup of the system disk
  • reverting from ODS-5 to ODS-2 using the BACKUP utility
  • creating and maintaining default protection, creator, subsystem, audit and alarm ACEs
  • physical and network security standards
  • maintaining login security
  • managing security alarms and audit
  • maintaining the order of startup tasks, startup and shutdown procedures
  • writing command procedures to automate system administration
  • upgrading an OpenVMS system
  • creating and managing OpenVMS clusters
  • quorum algorithm and disk
  • taking a node out of a cluster
  • shutting down a cluster safely
  • changing a node name
  • creating satellite nodes
  • solving common cluster problems

Instructors in this course

Jim McLean

30+ years of OpenVMS experience in system management and support
Languages: English

Homi Faris

31 years of VMS support and teaching experience, started at DEC teaching almost all VMS courses, now a member of the VSI support team and pre-sales in France
Languages: French

Gerrit Woertman

38 years of OpenVMS support and teaching experience. Application support, Fortran-programming, demo-center, consultancy, presales. HP Certified OpenVMS Systems Engineer with extensive systems management and migration experience.
Languages: English, Dutch

Tom Wade

HP Certified OpenVMS Systems Engineer with 36 years of OpenVMS support and teaching experience; has lectured in UCD to degree level in computer science and computer networking
Languages: English

Mark Jilson

20 years of VMS support and teaching experience
Languages: English